Peace Begins With You

This is an excerpt from Peace Begins With You, a book written by Katherine Scholes and published in 1989.
Katherine Scholes
Grade Level

From: PEACE BEGINS WITH YOU by Katharine Scholes and Sierra Club Books; Illustrated by Robert Ingpen. Text copyright (copyright symbol here) 1989 by Katherine Scholes; Illustrations copyright (copyright symbol here) 1989 by Robert Ingpen. By permission of
Text Dependent Questions
The narrator explains that peace “means different things to different people, in different places, at different times in their lives.” However, the narrator also goes on to try to describe what peace means to her. She tells what peace is at five different places in the text. What are they?
Peace is having the things you need. Peace is being able to have, or to hope for and work for, at least some of the things you want. Peace is being allowed to be different—and letting others be different from you. There is a special kind of peace that lives inside you. Some people can feel this peace even when they are in great pain, fear or danger. Peace is something that lives, grows, spreads—and needs to be looked after.
What does the narrator think is our “only hope of lasting peace”?
The narrator says the only way we can establish an ongoing peace is to secure a peace that is real for everyone in the
What is a peacemaker?
A peacemaker is someone who works for peace and tries to make others’ lives better.
How can you be a peacemaker?
See last section.