Supporting of Latino Education

Grade Level

Essential Question
  • How have schools U.S. enabled the leakage in the educational pipeline of Latino students?
  • What methods are best used to support students struggling to keep up in the traditional framework of U.S. education?
  • Why is there a stereotype that Latino parents and students don't care about education?
  • In what case(s) would dropping out of school be better than continuing in the system?
  • What is your definition of accountability?
  • How can a supportive advocate help for student success?
  • What is the significance of calling this program the "Partners Program"?
  • Texts

    The Hidden Pressures on Latino Students

    The Pew Hispanic Center's dry factual reports hide a world in every statement. Each sentence, like a highly concentrated brew, is the end result of months of interviews and research. Consider the following from an October 7, 2009, report on a national survey of Latino youth:The biggest reason for the gap between the high value Latinos place on education and their more modest aspirations to finish college appears to come from financial pressure to support a family, the survey finds.
    Teaching Strategies
    Student Tasks