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Celebrate Maya Angelou

In observance of what would have been her 90th birthday, take a moment to introduce your students to legendary writer and activist Maya Angelou.

Liberated Roots

School and community gardens can be emancipatory spaces—if they’re built around culturally responsive practices. Get to know three gardening activists who have learned to ask the right questions—and listen to the answers.

Self-Care for Spring Break

These tips, adapted from our webinar Self-Care for the Summer, suggest ways to make the most of spring break so you can return to your classroom rested and re-energized to continue the vital work of educating for a diverse democracy.

Destigmatizing Privilege

Privilege can be a sticky subject, but this teacher introduces it to her fourth-graders as a tool they can use to elevate others.

Hate at School: February 2018

In a month featuring systemic issues, targeted threats and Black History Month backlash, we tracked 71 school-based episodes of hate in 29 states.