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The Danger of the Story of “Both Sides”

Combating “single stories” is no longer as simple as including “multiple perspectives” in the classroom. Whose stories we share and why should be part of classroom discourse.
Jonathan Gold

Teach This: Navajo Code Talkers, Pocahontas and Andrew Jackson

The November 27 Oval Office ceremony honoring Navajo Code Talkers included what has become a highly controversial remark by the president referencing Pocahontas. Use our discussion questions to address this current event—and the history behind it—with your students.
Teaching Tolerance Staff

No Joking Matter: Words and Disability

While we are increasingly aware of the need to address racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist and classist language, ableist language is too often disregarded.
Dr. Neal A. Lester

Learning to Save Ourselves

When a book characterizes problematic “white savior” tropes, how can it be used to effectively question those concepts with students?
Christina Torres
Scene from the 1962 film "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Teaching “America’s National Crime”

Our new film and viewer’s guide offer educators the tools they need to teach honestly and effectively about lynching and the symbolic power of the noose.
Gabriel Smith