One Million Men and Me

This is an excerpt from One Million Men and Me, a children’s book written by Kelly Starling Lyons and published in 2007. This book is set at the Million Man March, a 1995 demonstration in Washington, D.C. 
Kelly Starling Lyons
Grade Level

From One Million Men and Me, written by Kelly Starling Lyons, illustrated by Peter Ambush and published by Just Us Books, Inc. ©2007. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.
Text Dependent Questions
According to the narrator, what was the purpose of the Million Man March?
The purpose was to “make changes ... make themselves and their communities better ... to pray and take responsibility.”
The narrator describes the men as standing “tall and proud as mighty oaks.” Oak trees are a kind of tree. Why might the narrator have used this comparison?
The comparison helps to show how tall, proud and strong the men felt. They did not bend and hide. Instead, they stood tall like a strong tree.
How does the narrator feel about being at the march with her dad? Use words and phrases from the story.
She feels happy and proud and a part of something big and important. She recounts “singing songs that made my heart dance.” She says, “I was their princess,” “I felt the magic” and “I held my head a little higher.”