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When Bad Things Are Happening

Once again, news is breaking about a school shooting. Your students may want to discuss this crisis as it unfolds. Here’s how.

When a First-Grader Is Called a Racist

When the word ‘racist’ brought out some strong feelings in a first-grade classroom, this teacher helped the students examine the word’s complexity.

Hate at School: April 2018

Unsafe school environments from coast to coast underscore the severity of the 38 school-based episodes of hate and bias we tracked during the month of April.

Classroom Mindfulness in Real Life: A Portrait

TT Grants coordinator Jey Ehrenhalt talked with elementary educator Kristie Burnett, who models mindfulness and brings meditative practices to the students in her third-grade classroom in upstate New York.

Announcing Our Diverse Democracy Grants

We’re excited to announce that this summer, TT is funding projects that will help students become empowered voting advocates in their communities.