The Monster Next Door

Grade Level
Essential Question
  • Why is it so hard to punish our neighbors?
  • If monsters do not look familiar to us, it is easy to distrust or even hate them. Certainly we would stay away from them and maybe even run and hide.
  • Have you ever cheered a bully on because they looked like you?
  • In All About Eve, the monster, Eve, is a sweet faced, wildly ambitious aspiring Broadway actor who does not look mean and evil. Because she looks like “the girl next door” she is permitted to wreak havoc upon this small arts community until the community finds itself torn apart. Still they are reluctant to stand up. Instead she is given excuse after excuse for her ill behavior that includes breaking up the relationship of her benefactress who takes her in, wriggling and conniving her way to a coveted acting role among other things until a bigger monster (the theatre critic) decides he’s had enough.
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