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Thanksgiving Non-Colonized View

What groups do I belong to? 
What are my identities?
How do I know I’m part of a group?
How do I see myself? Is it the same way others see me?
What identities do I share with my family? What identities do I have that are different from my family?
Does my identity mean I get to do things...

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Social Justice Domains
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Art and Identity

What part do culture and history play in the formation of our individual and collective identities?
What is the difference between feeling proud and feeling superior?
How could one person’s identity threaten another person’s rights?
How do our intersecting identities shape our perspectives and the way we experience the world?

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Social Justice Domains
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Exploring Social Justice through Literature

How are our identities today shaped by society?
Do the ways we identify ourselves change over time?
How do different parts of our identities combine to make us who we are?
Do the ways we present our identities change depending on where we are or the people we are with?
Do the ways we present our identities change depending on...

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