These robust, ready-to-use classroom lessons offer breadth and depth, spanning essential social justice topics and reinforcing critical social emotional learning skills.

“Teaching Tolerance provides me with the means to promote social justice, challenge bias, and engage students in discussions about diversity that would perhaps not happen otherwise.”


Who Is an Immigrant?

In this lesson, students examine themselves within various contexts—including family, culture and community—as a means to better understand who they are as individuals and who they are in relation to people around them.
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Reading & Language Arts
Social Studies
Social Justice Domain

Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town

In “Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town,” host Maria Hinojosa visits Long Beach, California, where she finds a Southeast Asian community struggling with what one interviewee describes as a “trauma-informed history.” Far from the stereotype of Asians as a “model minority,” less than 65 percent of Cambodian adults in the United States have graduated from high school. Cambodia Town, a neighborhood in Long Beach, is a community plagued by poverty and gang violence.
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